Sunday, November 21, 2010

The curious case of the missing underwear

I have been warned by my sisters not to blog about this which is specifically why I decided to write about it, for the sheer joy of irritating them and doing something I’m not supposed to do. Anyway, I’m posting it here, saying my last prayers.

Let me first introduce you to the characters and the setting of this story.

N : My cousin sister who works from home.

L : Another cousin sister, who works away from home.

M : Our house owner who works from home, who ogles at anything remotely female.

V: His wife who works away from home (work timings 9AM to 6PM).

It was yet another hectic day at work for me and I keep checking my mails to see if any new issue has popped up or if I got any good forwards.

Among the bunch of new mails, I found this specifically interesting mail from my cousin which read “Help!!!! Serious problem!” She had copied L also in the mail.

I eagerly checked the contents of the mail and this is exactly what it said:

‘I was putting out the clothes to dry. My underwear has fallen into M's balcony!!!

How do I get it from him? Thought of dropping a towel so that it covers it but there is no guarantee that it will fall into the right place.

So please suggest how I can get it back without talking to you know who.......................’

It was a serious issue indeed considering M’s character and that he was the only one at home. N couldn’t possibly go to his house and ask “Excuse me but I happened to drop my underwear in your balcony. Could you help me get it?” He would surely oblige to help but I wasn't sure if that was the best option to go for.

Personally, if it were me I would’ve just let him have it. He probably would wonder who it belonged to and maybe throw it away (that’s the most decent guess I could come up with! ;)).

Well, what are cousin sister’s for. The first reply came from L in less than 2 min and it had these options:

1. Wait till evening.. till such a time that V comes back and then ask her

2. Say Par's stuff has fallen down.. or maybe mine (not a very good idea but still)

3. Put the towel down and try anyway

I don’t think point # 2 is that good an idea. After all, you shouldn’t be embarrassed to own up your own underwear!

I suggested that she should forget about it and move on in life which I’m not sure if she appreciated so much.

Anyway end of story is N did not ask for it back even after V got back home. She decided to let it go.

A wise decision I’d say, although we still wonder what happened to it and where it would be!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sania - Mirza? Malik?

“Love is blind and lovers cannot see the pretty follies they themselves commit.” Too bad the rest of us can!

The recent ‘Sania-Malik wedding announcement’ and the controversy that ensued is flooding the news and is indeed getting spicier by the day.

Ms Mirza, the 23 year old tennis sensation of India, in her search for the perfect groom seems to have abandoned the game.

Can’t blame her. She has been busy all year with engagements and breakups happening one after the other. Her six month engagement with childhood friend Sohrab Mirza ended citing incompatibility as the reason. And her wedding with Shoaib Malik was announced two months later. All was well until a Hyderabadi woman Ayesha Siddiqui claimed to be Malik’s first wife.

The poor guy says he was cheated by the lady (who he had never seen) with whom he had a 'telephonic' relation. It seems she sent him pictures of a slim, beautiful woman claiming it is hers and he fell for it. To add to the fun, he even signed a blank ‘Nikah Nama’ for her.

I can’t seem to judge Malik’s credibility but I’m glad Sania supports her lover and is looking forward to the wedding on April 15th.

To dodge Ayesha’s father who has been asking for a divorce for his daughter, the couple shifted the venue of the wedding from Hyderabad to Dubai.

Lets wait and watch as this media drama unfolds.

Ayesha? Sania?

May the best man.. err.. woman win!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Big Bazaar Bonanza

Guess what the talk of the town is– the new offer big bazaar (Trivandrum) has come up with.

I visited big bazaar yesterday and the offer goes like this. You can take any kind of junk there and get it exchanged for discount coupons!

I have seen a couple of stores do this before for promoting their sales but this one was particularly interesting. Generally the ‘conditions apply’ clause along with these kinds of promotions would be severe but in this case, it was very relaxed. They would take anything and when I say ‘anything’, I’m not joking. They take ANYthing!

I was pretty amazed by the number of people flocking the store with loads of junk from their homes – pretty much like a ‘spring cleaning’ season here in Trivandrum. By the time this offer gets over, Trivandrum is going to have some really clean homes!

But another interesting thing I noticed was that it’s probably not just the homes that might get cleaner, it’s the roads too. I saw a man picking up a scrappy piece of mudguard lying on the road and giving it to the store along with a sack full of other stuff (from his home I presume). This offer might just turn this place into the ‘green, clean’ city we’ve just talking about for years now.

A very intelligent guy even brought a broken toilet to get it exchanged for coupons. (No exaggeration here. I saw it with my own eyes!). People are bringing in heavy stuff like toilets and old computer monitors because they give coupons based on the weight of the stuff exchanged! Oh yes I couldn’t even think of lifting the first monitor we had bought. We should’ve kept it to get it exchanged for coupons!

But this offer has turned big bazaar into a big, noisy market place. There are huge queues in all counters and people are continuously shouting out offers over the PA system which kind of rings in your ears after a while and it made my shopping experience miserable. It was like they were desperate to sell their stuff! “I don’t want your buy 2 and get 2 free” offer, “I don’t want a split ac and get my second one discounted”.

I just wanted to finally get out and as I was waiting to pay the bill, I heard someone ringing a bell continuously and the orange-blue uniformed big bazaar employees shouting out loud “orange rupees twenty a kilo”. A maketing strategy straight from the ‘Palayam Market’ here in Trivandrum. It should work inside Big Bazaar too. In fact it did, as soon as the bell started ringing, a bunch of people rushed to the spot to get their oranges cheap.

But that was it! All that noise made me sick and it was like my turn to pay the bill would never come!

Finally, after paying the bill and getting out of that place, I heaved a sigh of relief, took in some fresh air and vowed to myself not to go back in there ever again!

Is se sasta or achha kahin nahi?? Makes me think. Does it really matter??

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Goodbye Chennai

I can’t believe that my stay in Chennai has come to an end. Two and a half years in this big city has definitely been a wonderful experience. Ok, not all of it was wonderful but yes most of it.

I’ll miss this place and probably the little joys that I found here.

Chennai is definitely a nice place to be. People complain about the extreme climate here but you get used to it after a year :)
I’d love to write more about Chennai but I definitely need to get packing.

Can’t wait to see what Bangalore holds for me.

Change is inevitable. Places change. Things change. People change.

Change is good.